TYPO3 Cookie Extension


The TYPO3 Cookie Ext enables the possibility to setup all

TYPO3 Cookie Extension with CSP settings.

Introducing TYPO3 Cookie Extension: The Ultimate Tool for Cookie Privacy Management

One of the key features of the TYPO3 Cookie Extension is the ability to configure cookie privacy by the website visitor. This means that visitors to your website can choose their own cookie settings, giving them greater control over their online privacy.

Control over 3rd Party Resources and Privacy Settings

In addition to visitor cookie privacy, the TYPO3 Cookie Extension also offers website owners control over 3rd party resources and privacy settings in general. This means you can decide which 3rd party resources are allowed on your website, and configure privacy settings that align with your business requirements.

Custom Privacy Rules and Predefined Resources

The TYPO3 Cookie Extension offers website owners the ability to configure custom privacy rules or choose from a variety of predefined resources. These predefined resources include popular tools like Matomo, YouTube, Facebook, and more. By using predefined resources, you can quickly and easily set up privacy settings for popular third-party services used by your website.

Overall, the TYPO3 Cookie Extension is an essential tool for managing cookie privacy on your website. With its ability to configure visitor cookie privacy, control over 3rd party resources, and the ability to set up custom or predefined privacy rules, website owners can ensure their website meets legal requirements and aligns with their business values. And with greater control over their online privacy, website visitors can browse with greater confidence and peace of mind.