About Me

Thanks for stopping by. Read below to learn more about myself and my background.

Sebastian Pieczona at work


Hey there! I'm excited to introduce myself as a Web Developer, DevOps Engineer and Security Advocate with a passion for creating innovative and efficient solutions.

One of my greatest strengths is my expertise in JavaScript/NodeJS, PHP, DevOps and Server Automation. I love the challenge of crafting engaging and dynamic server- & web applications while improving the user experience of secure and intutitive interfaces to the end user and developer.

I'm highly proficient in NodeJS, PHP and Bash, and I thrive on building backend applications and APIs that are fast, scalable, and efficient. I'm confident in my ability to tackle complex challenges, and I'm always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of what's possible with preexisting or new programming languages.

In addition to my development skills, I have extensive experience in CI/CD Pipelines, GIT, Docker and Monitoring Services. I believe that automating tasks and streamlining workflows is essential to maximizing efficiency, and I'm always looking for ways to save time and increase productivity. I'm also a skilled collaborator, and I'm comfortable working with other developers and managing code versioning with ease.

When it comes to Linux and web server administration, I have a strong understanding of the inner workings of web servers, and I'm able to troubleshoot issues, monitor and optimize server performance to ensure that websites are always running smoothly.

As a security advocate, I'm passionate about keeping web applications safe from potential threats, and I have extensive experience in security hardening. I'm constantly keeping up-to-date with best practices for ensuring website security and protecting against malicious attacks.

Overall, I'm a passionate and dedicated Developer and I'm excited to bring my skills and experience to any team that values innovation and efficiency.


  • JavaScript / TypeScript / Node.js
  • PHP
  • MySQL / MariaDB
  • Linux Security Hardening & Speed Optimization
  • Bash Scripting
  • Nginx, Apache, Caddy Webserver
  • Git, Github CI, Cloud Deployments, Docker, CI/CD, Puppeteer
  • General Deployment- & Workflow Automations (custom written tools)
  • Monitoring: Custom, Grafana, partly Prometheus
  • Frameworks: SvelteKit, Extbase, Astro, Vite, Laravel, partly VueJS, ..
  • CMS/SHOP/API: Strapi, TYPO3, Shopware, Contao, various NodeJS API Frameworks
  • C#
  • AI Integration: First experience in Hugging Face, ChatGPT, Open Assistent, Midjourney
  • Currently learning: Rust, AI, ML