Linux Server CLI Toolkit & Deployment

Closed Source

For reliable and fast (app-)server setups with loads of security features out of the box!

Linux Server CLI Toolkit

The Ultimate Tool for Server Deployments & Automation

Pre-Configured Security Solution

One of the key features of the Linux Server CLI Toolkit is the ability to set up custom or pre-configured firewalls, IPS, App Sec Hardening and many more to ensure that your server is secure and protected from potential attacks. You can also take advantage of various integrated security features such as Auth Protection, IP Protection, ssh-hardening, etc. to further enhance the security of your server.

Configuration Driven

You are able to configure the entire server by using simple json configuration. Use it to deploy a multi-user environment or a single application, the choice is yours. Once your configuration is written you can use the toolkit to finally deploy the defined server and also add custom deployment instructions.

Speed Optimizations

The Linux Server CLI Toolkit also includes speed optimizations that can help improve the performance of your server. This includes tweaking various system settings (such as webserver/db/file/app optimizations) to ensure that your server runs as efficiently as possible.

OS Auto Updates

The Linux Server CLI Toolkit also offers automatic updates for your operating system, so you can be sure that your server is always up-to-date with the latest security patches and performance enhancements.

Web, DB and Application Server

In addition, the Linux Server CLI Toolkit comes with pre-configured web and application servers for NodeJS, PHP and optionally other languages. This means you can easily host your web applications on your Linux server with minimal configuration. For those who require a database server, the Linux Server CLI Toolkit has you covered. You can easily set up and manage a database server on your Linux server.

Migration Tool

If you’re migrating from another server, the Linux Server CLI Toolkit offers a convenient migration tool that allows you to move your web data and databases to your new server with ease.


Overall, the Linux Server CLI Toolkit is a powerful and versatile tool for managing your Linux server. Whether you’re a web developer, system administrator, or just someone who wants to take control of their server, this application has everything you need to get the job done.