Wabenplan App with Search, Filter, API and Interactive Map

Interactive Map

I developed a Wabenplan Application with search, filter functionality, API and a interactive map.

A wabenplan application with search, filter functionality and API


I am thrilled to present to you an interactive bus map application that provides you with all the information you need about bus routes, locations, and bus stations. This application is a great tool for anyone who relies on public transportation. You can find a standalone version of the wabenplan app at

Filter Routes and Locations

With this application, you can filter the routes based on your preferences, such as the route/station, zone number, and the bus stops you want to use. The interactive map allows you to visually filter out all the locations as well.

PDF Timetables

The application offers the ability to download PDF timetables for the bus routes. These timetables provide detailed information about the bus schedules, including the departure and arrival times for each bus stop along the route. This feature can be incredibly helpful if you want to plan your trips in advance.

Bus Station Information

Lastly, the application also provides detailed information about bus stations, including the location, services available, and accessibility features. This makes it easy for you to find the nearest bus station and access the information you need to plan your trip.


Overall, this interactive bus map application is a must-have for anyone who relies on public transportation. It provides you with useful data, PDF timetables, and detailed information about bus stations all in one place.